Unveiling the story behind Unveil
D‍ecember 11, 2017

Oh shit…” were the first thoughts that ran across our minds after we watched the movie “Her” by Spike Jonze. It was a compelling story about two individuals (human & AI) forming a deep relationship by slowly getting to know each other through voice conversation.

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This was in 2014 when we had already spent many months working on the app that similarly allows people to connect through voice. We were worried that the movie will spark ideas to many people like us and beat us to market.

Fast forward 2016, after many trials and ordeals, we finally launched our first public release on iOS, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Problem with today’s dating landscape
Many of today’s dating apps focus on an individual’s appearance, making it difficult to see beyond their looks. We want to put a different lens on how people view one another, while making the experience engaging and exciting.

What makes Unveil unique
The first component involves voice as the main channel of communication. Voice is a fundamental part of an individual’s identity, and you can understand a lot about the person by just hearing them talk. It also creates a sense of intimacy and genuine emotions that are hard to fake.

The second component of Unveil involves blurring all user’s profile pictures in the beginning. This prevents people from making a snap judgement while encouraging people to get to know one another first. As the dialogue progress, user’s profile picture gradually unveils with each voice message.More you talk, more you unveil.

These two components work together to form an environment where people can feel safe to be themselves and make meaningful connections through genuine conversations.

Our journey so far
‍‍‍Since the laun‍‍‍ch, we are now available in 16 countries on iOS and Android, got featured in 4 categories, also got hunted on Product Hunt by Chris Messina (the inventor of the Hashtag, yes this #!) and named in “Best of Anonymous Android Apps”, “Best of Couples iOS Apps” and “Best of Couples Android Apps”.Interesting people are joining Unveil everyday and we welcome you to give Unveil a try.

An image from movie Her (20‍‍‍13), directed by Spike Jonze.