Safety Tips

Always be sure you that you are comfortable with the person you are going to meet. It's important to send voice messages back and forth many times (even if you've already unveiled the person) to ensure that you are confident that whoever you are communicating with are who they portray themselves to be.

Understand that the person may not be who they claim to be
Ensure that you do not trust anyone you are talking to before meeting them in person. Their profile may not match their actual identity.

Be smart about your personal and financial information
Be alert and ignore any requests for financial or personal information from anyone regardless of the situation, even if you may feel comfortable with that person.

Meet in a public place
It is best to meet your matches in a public place where there are crowds of people. This will ensure that you can call for help if required.

Be in control of your own transportation
Secure your own means of transportation to the destination, especially for your first meeting. Until you are absolutely comfortable with the person, it is recommended to turn down any offers for pick ups.

Talk about your plans
Inform your friends and/or family of any of your date plans. Always bring your phone with you.

Always have a backup plan
Prepare a plan where you can excuse yourself from the date if things are not going the way you may have expected with the person.

Stay sober
Stay away from alcohol as you do not want your judgement to be impaired on your date.

Use best judgement and follow your instincts
If something doesn't feel right to you about the person, do not hestitate to end the date early.